HEALTH & WELL-BEING Learn to Get Fit and Have Fun in Hula Dance Class... BEGINS 05/03/2014
IDEAS AND EXPRESSION Poetry Workshop ... BEGINS 05/03/2014
CITIZENSHIP Fracking Shale - The Other Side of the Story... BEGINS 05/07/2014
IDEAS AND EXPRESSION An Evening with Priscilla Keresey, The Practical Psychic... BEGINS 05/08/2014
FUN CURIOUSITIES (OTHER) Poker Night Out - Guys and Gals, Man Your Tables... BEGINS 05/10/2014
CITIZENSHIP The Weckquasgeek in Hudson Valley ... BEGINS 05/15/2014
KIDS Clay Sculpting with Emily Tomasik... BEGINS 05/17/2014
ARTS & CRAFTS Introduction to Weaving with Maggie Carrel... BEGINS 05/17/2014
NOURISHMENT (WAS FOOD & COOKING) Learn to Cook Paleo-Inspired Meals... BEGINS 05/17/2014
FUN CURIOUSITIES (OTHER) Private Events and Space Rental ... BEGINS 12/31/2014
FUN CURIOUSITIES (OTHER) Birthday Parties at Curious-on-Hudson... BEGINS 12/31/2024